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Rank Investigation and Protection, Inc. provides a variety of patrol services in the Northern San Joaquin valley area. We currently cover Stanislaus, Merced and San Joaquin counties.

Rank Investigation and Protection, Inc. has provided professional security services to a variety of clients. We pride ourselves on being a leader in developing security programs for Home Owners Associations, rural patrols, utility districts, municipal governments, sporting events and commercial businesses. We understand the important role that security provides in protecting your community’s residents. It is not our intention to replace law enforcement personnel, but to augment the specialized services they offer. We operate within the laws and guidelines that regulate the security industry while focusing on protecting our clients and our personnel. Our priorities are the protection of lives and property by deterring criminal activity.

Rank Investigation and Protection, Inc. provides our security officers with training that far exceeds what is mandated by the State of California. Our officers receive quarterly training in safety, public relations, conflict resolution, weapon use and other security related subjects.

Our Subscriber Services

Neighborhood Patrol Services
Our trained, uniformed security officers will patrol our client’s residences, streets and alleys during their shifts. Security officers will be on alert for suspicious persons or activities. Suspicious persons in the vicinity of our client’s property may be observed or questioned.

24/7 Dispatch
Our dispatch center provides communication services 24 hours per day, seven days a week, including holidays.

Response to Suspicious Activity
Our security officers are trained to respond to all types of activities. We commonly receive calls to investigate suspicious persons or vehicles. Our security officers will respond to these calls in an expeditious manner while operating within in the law governing security personnel.

Continuous Analysis of Crime Trends
One of the most important considerations to the success of our patrol program is to monitor crime trends. With the cooperation of the MPD Crime Prevention Unit our staff will continuously monitor the types of crimes and the days, times and locations where they are occurring. This analysis will assist our staff in directing patrol activity to specific areas and times when it is most needed.

Our security officers will be available to conduct welfare checks on residents within the CANA area of service. If a resident has concerns that a neighbor may be in need of assistance our security officers will attempt to make contact and, if needed, notify the appropriate medical and/or law enforcement agency.

Individual Client Billing
We have the ability to invoice via email. Clients can pay their monthly subscription by credit card using our secure online service.

Household Signs
For added security we can provide signs identifying your residence as a subscriber to our service.

Vacation Checks
Clients have the option of alerting our security officers when they leave on vacation. Our security officers will make every attempt to provide additional patrol to those residents while they are away.

Alarm Response
Our clients can contact their alarm companies and have Rank Investigation and Protection listed as the first responder. We will insure that the premises are secure. If there is a need our security officers will stand by until the resident returns.

Liaison with Law Enforcement & Crime Prevention
Our staff will stay in communication with MPD Crime Prevention staff and MPD officers that are assigned to the CANA area. We are committed to maintaining and enhancing communication between law enforcement, clients and our staff in order to minimize criminal activity.

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